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Different Computers

I was looking around and found the Satelite computers.  I was just wondering if anyone would recomend playing games on the satelite computers?

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Re: Different Computers

Hey ccaleb86,

If you're primarily looking for mobility, there really is no better option than a laptop computer. The tradeoff for this mobility though is that laptop models may often seem significantly slower than desktops with similar hardware configurations, especially when playing graphic/memory-intensive games. The reason for this is a simple matter of construction: desktops are not as compact as laptops, and can generally provide internal components with more ways of dissipating any heat that accumulates while the computer is in use.

Keep in mind though that because laptops have made leaps and bounds in recent years to minimize this traditional limitation – if not outright eliminate it – the current generation of Toshiba Satellites may not be impacted.

Hope this helps you out!

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Re: Different Computers

it's all depending. what type of games are you playing?


lower end games: any computer that comes with ATI/nVidia dedicated graphic card. (you will see a logo on the laptop.) if not, those comes with intel integrated cards. it can play basic online games and like solitare, online gambling, etc etc.


higher end games (call of duty 4, crysis, etc etc): any laptop with a higher end graphics card. when you walk in the store find some one who actually knows about hardware for gamings. i recommend talking to a geeksquad agent. i'd recommend getting these models:

Toshiba Qosmio, if the store around u still have the qosmio (something) q701, it's on clearance right now and u probably can get half off.

Gateway FX

a brown looking asus with 14inch screen.