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Diagnosis Problems!

Is it just me or has anyone experienced failed diagnosis problems with Geek Squad?


When my Dell laptop was being diagnosed for a software problem, Geek Squad attempted 4 failed diagnosis, each time I was told my laptop was in "perfect condition" and when I arrived at the store  to pick up my laptop, I would stand at the counter and start the laptop up as usual and wait to see if anything unusual was happening! After 3-5 minutes! The screen would  blackout! This happened 4 times!  After the 4th failed diagnosis, I refused another diagnosis and insisted on the computer be sent out to the manufacturer! The manufacturer concluded that the laptop was infected with BSOD (Black Screen Of Death) and fixed all the memory and defects! Geek Squad basically did nothing!     


I was really dissappointed in the costumer service provided with no alternatives to a solution.    

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Re: Diagnosis Problems!

you are fortunate that you got it fixed.

My computer was permanently damaged by the geek squad, which they denied.

they are worse than incompetent.

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Re: Diagnosis Problems!

they can't really fix your software problem.


your laptop is in perfect condition hardware-wise. that's what probably they diagnose for (hardware diagnostic.)


have you tried reintalling your operating system? could be a virus.


by the way, bsod = blue screen of death.

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Re: Diagnosis Problems!

As far as I know, GeekSquad will do a hardware diagnostic, and then scan for software conflictions, their "diagnostics" do not cover viruses.  So they were looking for the wrong thing.
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Re: Diagnosis Problems!

Okay...the Blue Screen of Death is USUALLY related to a software problem.  The Black Screen of Death is USUALLY related to a hardware problem.  I never panic unless I see the black screen because it is then, and only then, that I know I have a hardware failure.  I am worried about your manufacturer's diagnosis as well.  Dell probably just popped in some new hardware where they suspected a failure and hit it the first try.  Gave you some mumbo-jumbo explanation that was really meaningless.  Nothing magical...just cost effective.