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Desktop not turning do I transfer files from Hard Drive to another computer?

I am thinking of buying a new desktop tower but wish to transfer the files I had on my old computer.  My old computer does not power on.  Is there a way I can transfer it to my new computer?  What do I need to buy?  How much does the Geek Squad charge to do it?

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Re: Desktop not turning do I transfer files from Hard Drive to another computer?

Hi Thefrank1985 –


These days nearly all of us keep a considerable amount of important and even priceless information on our computers, so I’ll be happy to advise you in this situation. Regrettably explaining the process of and walking you through performing your own transfer is beyond the scope of these forums. However you can find the pricing and details of our Data Backup or Transfer service here. If you’d like to setup a service you can make a reservation at your local Geek Squad Precinct for further assistance.


Best Wishes,

Michael M|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Desktop not turning do I transfer files from Hard Drive to another computer?

Scary to hear about a computer that does not power on.  And it brings back bad memories from when it happened to me a number of years ago.


Truth of the matter if your just looking to transfer the files and buy a new computer it would most likely be less expensive to do as Micheal suggest and make an appointment with Geek Squad.  The cost of making the repair on your own could cost more than the cost of file transfer and paying someone to make the repairs would most certaily cost more.


All that aside.  My current practice is to store all files I don't want to lose in the same location on my computer.  Normally under My Documents.  All my programs and apps I can always reinstall.  


I have an external portable hard drive but in the last year I purchased a very very large USB jump drive from Best Buy when they were on sale.


I then created a batch script that would automatically copy over the My Documents folder to the USB drive andi it would skip already copied files.  I do this now every so often


Advice like this comes a little late but I think it is a good method going forward.


Also, many new computers will prompt you to make a back up of your computers oritinal set up to a jump drive.

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