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Delivery problems BIG problems Need help

I am a very good customer and for the first time I went online to purchase items  I put the following shipping address Exp: SE 28 St  MA 44401 It was a mistake it was suppose to be SE 28 Av Now the address show SE 28 st 44416, yes I put 28St instead of 28av, but I never put 44416 Now while the package still in transit, I called UPS to ask them to reroute the package  the answer: Best Buy needs to do that, I asked Why? Reason an extra $10.00 will be charge to the shipper and we need there permission. After over 5 hours of emails and aggravations no ones want to help at Best Buy online. I offer to pay for the mistake and it's not even an option. To top it off , if I never receive the packages I loose everything!!! This is unbelievable, frustrating and makes a very good client mad..... very mad.  It takes only one call from Best Buy to reroute these items. Instead they choose not to call even if I pay the extra charges.  How's that possible !?!?!?!?!? Please is there someone there to help  If there is anyone at Best Buy reading  this message please do something about it, Yes it is a mistake a small one and 5 minutes of your time would correct everything. We are running out of time delivery dates in 2 days. And if someone else can help me to post this at the proper place Please let me know.

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Re: Delivery problems BIG problems Need help

More than likely, the package will go back to BB. Hopefully, they will contact you for the correct adddress. If you don't get your package, you may need to cancel the charges on your credit card.
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