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Dead Fan on Toshiba

I have a new (under 1 year old) Toshiba Laptop. The computer started turning off after short periods of time, I'm pretty positive it is due to the fan no longer working. Is it possible to get this replaced under warranty? Either way is this something I can get done at best buy or does it require me to send the laptop in to the manufacturer. Thank you
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Re: Dead Fan on Toshiba

Hey mjp333psu,


Because our stores are factory-authorized repair facilities for most products they sell, you always have the option of working with either the manufacturer or Best Buy® whenever you need to seek repairs.  In most instances, defective case fans can easily be replaced under your factory warranty, as long as the hardware failure is not the result of accidental damages.


In order to seek repairs through your local Best Buy® store, all that you need to do is bring your laptop and a copy of your original receipt to the in-store Geek Squad® counters.  A technician should be able to diagnose and pinpoint the exact cause of the problem, and typically have the repairs completed within a few business days.  Keep in mind though that you may be required to ship your computer to one of our off-site service centers, as we cannot always complete repairs within the store.


Hope this helps you out!


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