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Data Recovery SCAM

on 5-12-2011 i went to best buy/ G SQUAD to service my computer because a virus erase all the data in my computer and within erase two book that took me a year to write the recommend me to do a data recovery level one with a cost of $249.99 at the store to recovery my documents but they did not have success and then they refer me to a third party i left my computer and they shipped to the third party they contact me by phone and offer me  a data recovery level two they did a data recovery an sent me an email with the approximate cost of $499 to $658 + tax i accept but my expectancy fails and the recovery where a whole bunch of codes blank pages and many different formats that no one could ever see the data they sent the computer back to the third party to check the computer and the external hard drive but they came up with a level tree solution and $1000.00 down payment with it i accept because i really like to recovery my documents they did a data recovery level tree and sent my computer back but this time the computer did not work anymore the external hard driver never show up any recovery data until still not showing any and they had $1700.00   on their pocket i contact the local office of G Squad At Best Buy     for resolution and they contact the third party the third party send me and email apologizing for the job performance because they discovery that they make a mistake this is what they wrote on the email NOTE)   We made a mistake with charging you for your recovery. Your recovery came back as a level 2 and not a level 3. This means we owe you a refund. You will be refunded the entire $350 remaining payment you made as well as $750 from the $1000 lab fee. In order to do this we simply have to have you confirm the refunds with our billing department. They return my money back to my account at Chase but when i receive the external hard drive the problem continue no pages show up when we open the pages was in blank and  the external hard drive show a lot of system files most of the files were corrupted or damages a BIG SCAM a return my hard drive to the store Best Buy 504 to get my complete refund but did not refund my money CONCLUSION i have been charge hundreds of dollars to get my data recovery , they trash my computer damaging the hard drive ,  nothing show up on my hard drive a this point after 5 month later and on top of it the have not return my money Smiley Mad