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DVI to HDMI (4k?)

So from my research DVI to HDMI isn't even 1080P(?) I could be wrong there. 


Let me explain the situation. I have a friend I am building a gaming computer for. It will have an I7 8700K cpu with a GTX 1080TI Dual Sli. He plans to run 4 4k monitors which puts me at a slight issue I am not 100% sure how to resolve. 


The GTX 1080TI while a GB less memory than the Titan has a faster speed which essentially makes it equivalent or at least almost better if  not better from everything I have read (not to mention the 1080TI is far cheaper). 


So... now I have an issue though the GTX 1080TI as far as I know runs with 1 HDMI and rest displayports. How can he run (true) 4k resolution and video with dual cards? 


Does BestBuy have any better DisplayPort cables or an adapter or anything? 

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Re: DVI to HDMI (4k?)

As far as I can tell, you shouldnt have any need to use the DVI port on the card to run 4x 4K monitors. The HDMI port on the 1080TI is the 2.0b variant, which supports 4K at 60Hz. The other 3 Displayports support 4K at 120Hz, so unless you're looking to run all 4 displays above 60Hz you should be set.

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Re: DVI to HDMI (4k?)

Although you are trying to set-up a 4k gaming system HDMI is all you really need, unless you just love Display Ports.

To answer your original question though, pertaining to DVI. It displays as 1,920 x 1,200. 1080P is what your monitor or TV is capable of throwing out. Example: If you have a HDTV that is one of the older 720P variety, then the highest resolution you'll receive from any port is 720P. DVI is display only and no audio outputs, so it would be wasted on PC's. Hope that helps a bit.