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Cyberpower PC's unavailable.. please help

Can you tell me when more will be avalable?? .. they are completely sold out online and am having a difficult time securing one... I ended up buying one at the store but may take it back as i have not opened it yet.. i think its just too far out of my price range.. you guys used to carry alot more affordable models.. how quickly will they be back?  thanks

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Re: Cyberpower PC's unavailable.. please help

Pricing and availibility varies and there is no way to tell when something is in, other than to check the Best Buy website constantly and subscribe to newsletters.


I would also like to remind you that if it is the same model, can be matched with Best Buy in store.

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Re: Cyberpower PC's unavailable.. please help

Demand is very high on them right now.  Unfortunatly I do not think the moderators will be able to give you an expected date.


You may even want to go into a store and check.  Sometimes during the super busy times like this some inventory may not show up on the web site.



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