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Confused need advice

Ok im ready to purchase a computer but i don't know what type is best for me. Im thinking a desktop or AIO because I haven't had luck keeping laptops from breaking. I want a computer for the house something to do many pictures on to print,fax,mostly for business. ( I know to buy a printer to do so) not to game. Please help push me the right way. Should I just get a laptop vs desktop?
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Re: Confused need advice

If you want to be able to take it with you obviously a laptop would be the way to go. 


Generally you often get more bang for the buck with a desktop. I prefer desktops becuase you can use larger monitors.


Granted you can hook a larger monitor up to a laptop.



Some people will tell you you need a lot of memory and a dedicated graphics card,etc. 

However, truthfully for editing photos you will be well off with the integrated intel chipset. RAM is really more critical in this.


Dell Package



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