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Computer shortage

My son's computer died out and with the best Buy warranty they gave us store credit. So trying to replace a gaming pc (don't want the hastle of building it). Only brand in stock is CLX and reviews with their quality are all over the map. Are we better off waiting for more options to come back in stock and if so does anyone have any guess of when we might start to see supplies pick back up? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Computer shortage

While I have no personal experience with CLX I would wait.


COVID has really had an effect on computers as many of them come from overseas.  There was a period for awhile when other then the most expensive there were none in stock.


Depending on your price range there are some other options I have heard good things about.


iBuyPower is a mid range (performance wise) gaming computer that I have seen a lot of people say they like in this forum. 



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Re: Computer shortage

Hey there, Missionsparta,


Thanks for taking the time to connect with us about this! We're so glad to hear that you will be able to pick a new computer. 


We would love to take a closer look at this and help advise in this process. Would you mind clarifying the price range we are looking at? Additionally, any insight around the games that will be played on this computer would help us better suggest one for you. 

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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