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Computer problem

When I turn on my home computer, a black screen with writing comes on and I have to press F12 to get to Windows.  Does anyone know how to stop that?  Also, my computer turns itself on during the night - can I fix that?
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Re: Computer problem

Hey Kathy,

I just need some information on the computer first like what kind, model, year, and operating system like is it Vista, XP, 95. Plus when you say you have to press F12 does it instruct you to or do you just do that because that gets you to windows. Also is is desk top or laptop. This is because if you have pets like a cat or dog they could have figured out how to turn it on if is a desktop or if you leave your laptop on a night they may have turned it on that way. It also could be that the program that starts it up is misfiring. That is just a guess though and might not be right. I will let someone who is more into programming answer that. It also may be that your computer is possessed LOL. Seriously though it could be one of those two. Sorry this is happening but all I need is a little more information. Thanks.

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Re: Computer problem

I suggest taking it into GeekSquad, we can run a free tactical analsis, (thats just like a quick diag,) Most likely you should check it in for a Diag and repair, and the agents at any Best Buy/GeekSquad will be happy to assist you. =]
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Re: Computer problem

just dont let them send it off for repair.. you will never get it back.