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Chromebook printing

I have a Asus chromebook C536EA and a canon MX920 series printer, boh wifi.  When I try sending a document to the printer it shows on the screen it is sending to the correct  printer but the result is always that printing has failed.  What could be the problem?

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Re: Chromebook printing

Quite often with Wireless printers you have to connect them the first time with a printer cable so they can achieve a better sync.


However, I did some digging and it appears that since Google Cloudprint services were retired that the canon MX920 is not supported from Chrome OS.


Do a Google Search for this 


Print from your Chromebook (without Cloud Print)


The writer of the article appears to have a work around. 



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Re: Chromebook printing

Check the Google Chrome store to see if they have an extension added onto your browser that would allow you to use your printer directly. Canon would be the one to provide such items.


Make sure your Chromebook and also the printer is on the same wifi network. If you have issues, remove the printer from the network and readd it to Wifi.

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