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Chromebook for 6 year old?

My husband wants to get our 6 1/2 year old a chromebook for Christmas.  I think he's too young and quite honestly a little immature for his age still.  He struggles a little with reading and writing so I wonder if it could either help him or be pointless.  I know he can't type but since it's app based could it help him get familiar more with a computer?  I just don't want to spend the money on something he's not ready for.  What besides games does the Chromebook offer a 6 yr old??  I also don't want this to become another gaming device.



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Re: Chromebook for 6 year old?

I have twin girls.  I got them both laptops for Christmas when they were Years old (thier bithday is in November)


I printed out a picture dictionary I made with words they know


They had learned their ABC's in daycare and wanted to know how to spell words


a picture of a red square followed by the word RED

a picture of a puppy followed by the work PUPPY 

Some 40 words including their names



They would sit down at their laptops and type out the words in Wordpad.  By the time they started Kindergarten they could spell over 50 words.


My grandaughter just turned 3 in September.  She can pick up her mom's iPad, start it up, go into her personal log in profile and start the programs she wants.  She watches videos, plays games, takes pictures, and entertains herself. 


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Re: Chromebook for 6 year old?

I think a Chromebook could work for a six-year-old. Chrome OS has Android Apps, so I think there is quite a bit of value for a kid.


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