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Choosing a new router

I am choosing between a Asus AC3100 or a Netgear X10 R9000. I need a router that goes well with the NetGear Cable Modem 24x8 and can be used in a three story building where office are located. The router is planned to be placed in the second floor and we already have NetGear WiFi extenders. Do you have any recommendations?

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Re: Choosing a new router

I have never had an Asus router so cannot comment. But I have a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 dual band router which I have had for about 19 months.  I can turn data off on my phone and go wi-fi and stream music while mowing the lawn and never even have a data stream hiccup.  The first time I did it I then kept it going and took my dog for a walk.  I got about 3 houses down the street before losing the signal.  I could not get the signal back until I got to my driveway but I was still physically at least 120 feet from my router and that was through half my house. 


So bottom line I am big fan of the power of NetGear Routers and the one you are looking is is significant levels above mine. And the one your looking at is significantly more powerful.


However, I would check specs to see how many connections it can support at one time. 



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Re: Choosing a new router

Netgear router is best for fast wifi internet connection, i am using nighthawk from 6 months it is perfect.