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Re: Choice of Wireless Router

As a follow up.


Yesterday morning my wife complained that I had messed up the Wi-Fi by updating the drivers for my wireless printer and that wi-fi was not working.  So I did my normal thing and cycled the modem and router and walked away.


A few hours later my daughter complains to me that it is still now working.   So this time I look closer and my old Cisco router is not able to stay powered up.


So I headed on down the store and picked up the NetGear AC1900 Nighthawk


While it was not as easy to set up as my Cisco router (Cisco router came with a jump drive, you just plugged it into any computer you wanted on the network and it would automatically configur it, nothing easier than that) it was easy and streamlined.  


I plugged my TIVO, BluRay and RoKU into the Gigabit.Assigned my computer and Xbox to the higer frequency and everything else to the lower. 


And I must say, the difference in online speed was incredible.  I did a speed test to Steam and my speeds were 10 times what I had before. 


The control program you can get for it "NETGEAR Genie" is one of the better programs for managing a router that i have ever used.  And I liked the Cisco Program.  You can quickly and easily change names, passwords, settings for individual devices


The most noticalbe performance increase so far has been to my tablet.  I have a Galaxy TAB 3 and I had thouht it was just slow.  Yep, it was the dogged connection.  It went from 45+ seconds to load Amazon Video to less than 5 seconds. 


Thanks to everyone for recommending Netgear and Michael on the NIghthawk.


Now i  just have to keep  an eye on the price for a sale to I can get an adjustment.

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Re: Choice of Wireless Router

Thanks for the update bobberuchi! Really glad to hear that you’re liking the new Nighthawk and that its greatly improved your home network stability and speeds.

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Re: Choice of Wireless Router

I am using nighthawk R7000. This is awsome, few days back i got some login issues, but now it is working properly. 

I love to use this device because its speed is flawlessly. 


I am using this router from last 1 year, it never disappoint me. 


When sometimes i got any problem, i reset router and it work properly. 


I am happy by having this.