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Cheep hard working computer

Hello, I am a high school student and my birthday was last month. My family gave me a $600 budget to get a computer and I have a few requirements that I'm afraid can't be met with that budget. I'd like a computer with quite a bit of memory and the ability to run Photoshop and flash, I'd love for it to run Maya too but I know I'm just getting my hopes up, anyways, I wouldn't mind it to be a two in one only because I know a draw tablet is not in my budget, but I am also a little aposed to a two in one only because all the junk its preloaded with. I need something that will hold up. I'd love some advise on what to get if anyone could point me in the right direction.
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Re: Cheep hard working computer

The question is, are you willing to do a little work to get a authorized copy of a Windows 10 ISO disk, do a complete wipe of the HDD and install Windows 10 as a clean OS without the junk on there? If you said yes, you can get something very very nice for under $200 with reasonable speeds. The drawback is that 11.6 screens are not suitable for these tasks (Unless you can connect the unit to an external monitor through HDMI)


Also 14" models in this price range come with a low end SSD drive and may impair peformance.


With the release of Windows 10 you have given a very comfortable budget for the performance you want, so start shopping at the $400~500 range and you will do just fine.

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