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Can you trade in a PC for a Macbook

Im almost done paying off my HP Spectre and was wondering if I could trade it in for a Macbook? I was talked out of getting the Macbook and now want it instead.
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Re: Can you trade in a PC for a Macbook

Once you purchase an item, no matter how you purchased it, it's yours permanently. You can trade it in for a Best Buy gift card but the amount varies, if there is any value to your unit as the value of used items quickly depreciates in todays evolving market of technology.


You can check now to see what your item is worth here: 



***Please keep in mind that I am not employed by Best Buy and are just a regular forums Super User and an everyday shopper like you. If you find my posting helpful, please add kudos to it. Remember to mark answered questions as solved if something helped you to speed up the answer queue for other customers***
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Re: Can you trade in a PC for a Macbook

this is going to sound silly but have you considered "parting it out" ?? HP parts and especially motherboards are very expensive. some reach the $400+ mark just for the board. there are die hard HP guys that may need one. and you may get quite a bit of money for this. the screens you can easily get $300 a piece for those. since they only work with HP ssytems. certain older ACER models the KEYBOARDS were hoing for $250 each. just an idea. you have to google the parts and what they go for then Ebay the stuf BUT first provide proof it worked from the start. 

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Re: Can you trade in a PC for a Macbook

How good is the MacBook?