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Can someone please answer this for me? :)

So my pc broke and I need it’s fixed ASAP but if I take to Best Buy then it will take a while soon can they fix it? I need it by Saturday
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Re: Can someone please answer this for me? :)

The truthful answer is that no answer can be given for how long it will take without knowing what is wrong with it.,


Somethings Geek Squad can do in their little work shop and others it is sent off to their facilty. 


While I do recommend Geek Squad for servcies your best bet for needing it by Saturday would be to find a local computer repair facility that has people on hand.  My town has just such a shop.


However, doing so may void your warrenty (if you still have one) and it would also void your Best Buy Service plan, if you have one. 


Can you be more descriptive of what you mean by broke?

Do you have the Best Buy Plan?

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