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I just spent a grand and bought a Cyberpower PC and it comes with no owners manual. I thought I could use my current monitor but the connection is totally different. I want to find out IF I can get an adapter for my current monitor but cannot find any information anywhere. I have an old ACER monitor but the connection on the back of this gaming computer looks like 3 rows of 8 pins. . . nothing like I've ever seen. CAN ANYONE HELP with either where I can get a manual and/or an adapter for my monitor.
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Cyberpower makes some great gaming PC's 


Video connections are one of the significant advcancements to gaming computers in the last decade.  Most new computers are now utilizing a DVI connection.  Yours is the second one from the top in the below image. Which is a great thing becuase that is a dual link  DVI-I.  This means you have the ability to use dual monitors or in your case connect your old monitor.  





Is the connection on your old computer for the monitor blue?

If it is than that means you have a VGA monitor out put.


If this is the case all you need is a simply DVI to VGA adapter such as the one linked below.


DVI to VGA adapter


All this aside.  I would strongly recomend saving up for a new monitor or two.  Your new Cyberpower PC has the ability to display some very amazing grapics.  By having a VGA monitor you will never be able to utilize the full potential of what you have.  The difference would be like comparing a 720p TV to a 4K TV.


This is a prettynice Ausus Monitor

Asus Monitor

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I just got a new gaming computer from CYBER POWER PC through best buy.  It was the best Christmas  present  I could have asked for.  It works well and has great speed. It's really quiet and looks sick. The mouse and keyboard came with it.  Very cool deal.  Hope it continues to be awesome. Love the light up tower.