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Buying an office printer..!!

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I'm running a financial firm in Toronto. I solely want to get rid of the bunch of papers I have in my office because I have to deal with lots of papers every day in my workplace. My cabin is full of documents, and it seems the quantity is increasing day by day. So I'm planning to buy an office document scanner as soon as possible. I have checked a few websites for the same, and I found a website providing document scanners and the highlighting part is that their products are sharp products. Unfortunately, I couldn't spot the exact price of these products. So today I'm here to get some help. Does anyone here have any experience with purchasing sharp products? If so, can you give me a rough  {removed per forum guidelines} ? I have a budget of around $350. Can I choose them? Or if you have any good suggestions, please let me know. 

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Re: Buying an office printer..!!

If you have so many documents you may be better off finding a compnay that will scan for you.  Going to cost more than your budget but scanning can take hundreds of hours with a home office piece of equipment.  


Best Buy does not carry Sharp scanners and printers so you probably won't get a lot of help on that here


If you want to know their prices I would suggest pressing the Contact Us now button. 


However I would be greatly hesitant to work with a company that is unwilling to be upfront with their prices

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