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Brother 2840 fax-copier-printer question

Hey guys,

I am new here so do not bite my head off if I am in wrong place.

I just bought Brother 2840.

But I got confused by description detail about this machine.

It say in about cartridges following:


  • Number Of Cartridges Included
  • Number Of Cartridges Required

What does thi means? Do I have to buy second cartridge for this machine to work or what?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Brother 2840 fax-copier-printer question

Hey natashka7768 –


Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting. I’m sorry to hear there’s some confusion regarding the listing for this product, which I’ll be happy to clear up for you.


Admittedly, our product page could be worded a bit better here, and I certainly understand how this can be confusing. To clarify, this particular unit requires both a toner cartridge (which is included with purchase) and a secondary drum unit (which is also included with purchase). The included toner cartridge should be good for about 700 pages, however, the drum units last much longer, and the included one is rated for 12,000 pages. Because both of these are required for the printer to operate the required number is listed as 2, however, calling them both cartridges is a bit misleading. Hopefully, that clears things up and answers your questions, but please feel free to post again if you have any others.


Best Wishes!

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Brother 2840 fax-copier-printer question


Now it is clear and worry free for me.Smiley Very Happy