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Broken computer

hello i figured i would try this since dell charges you to use their customer service.  I have a dell inspiron 1505 i think it is, anyways it keeps coming up with send error message when i connect to the internet so we are unable to use it.  I have run several virus scans and brought up nothing in return, not sure what the deal is, anybody help?

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Re: Broken computer

Hi there, to help you in the most of my ability please re-type the error in question; use as much detail as possible.
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Re: Broken computer

There could be a number of things that could be causing that issue, but it sounds like a software issue with the error message you are talking about.


If you bought it at a Best Buy, did you get a service plan on it?  If so, GeekSquad could look at it for free, as with the service plan, you do get free software diagnostics.  


If not, the GeekSquad could still take a look at it for a little bit, and if they cannot figure out the problem, then they will have to check it in, and then that is when you would have to pay for something.

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Re: Broken computer

I have actually had several things cause this and it was always "Microsoft".  Try doing start, Microsoft update, and see if it will go like that.  If not, I would call Microsoft.  You can always take a flash drive to someone else's computer and download some IE updates which is where this may be happening.  Start with the latest version of IE which is 7.  Don't do the 8 beta!  It's not fully growed yet!  Without any more detail, that's about all I can tell you.