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Bots Purchases Scalpers

Why doesn't Best Buy do something about Bot purchases for video cards and consoles. Only MicroCenter tried buy limiting sales to in store only. I guess when your inventory sells out in 2 minutes, sales can say job well done. Please keep in mind you have upset off customers. There is not a shortage, plenty of cards and consoles are being resold on eBay and offerup at sometimes double the cost. You can do something about purchases subject to a bot attack, must go through your Best Buy account no guests purchases. No accounts with duplicate phones numbers, emails or addresses.when in checkout require a text verification code that the buyer must respond back (no emails). Limit 1 purchase per account. Slow down the process so bots can be found, don't worry you will still sell out but not in 2 minutes.

Remember Scalpers are not your customers I am, you know the guy without the Bot.


Until you have a plan to stop bots you have plenty off stores, just sell in store to your customers, we will thank you for that buy buying more.  trust me, tell sales they will still sellout shortly after stores open. If all 3 big chain stores walmart, target and Best Buy only had the products in store the scalpers would have problems selling there stuff they grabbed from online sellers like newegg and amazon. 

COVID is not an excuse, we have curb side pickup that can be utilized. You big chains have plenty of parking lot space to do that.

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Re: Bots Purchases Scalpers

Per IdeaX, This will not be changed anytime soon

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Re: Bots Purchases Scalpers

"There is not a shortage"


There is most definitely a shortage.  Ever since the NES, I can recall there is *ALWAYS* a shortage.  IF we did sell them in store, we would put people at risk of COVID-19 due to long lines waiting to process transactions for the item.  This is what everyone is trying to avoid. They would also still immediately sell out.


"COVID is not an excuse, we have curb side pickup that can be utilized."


This is how a lot of the new systems have been purchased.  Yes, the transaction (lengthy unsafe part if done in stores) is done online, but a whole lot of them were picked up in stores.  At our location, no one picked up more than one system.  It's lke the "online causes bots" thing is only a red herring. Bots are a byproduct of resellers aggressive tactics to get more of the thing that people want.


Trying to stop bots is a cat and mouse game, lengthy processes like you describe only make shopping more difficult for regular customers.  Before online shopping, resellers would bring every member of their family and hand them cash.  They would all stand in line and each person would use their cash to buy a console.  Completely within the rules, yet still scummy.  We all hate resellers, but these consoles are just a fraction of the merchandise we sell.  Putting even more energy into selling these items at a time where our staffing and labor is at a premium only serves to rob our attention from all the other transactions we process on a daily basis.  


"plenty of cards and consoles are being resold on eBay and offerup at sometimes double the cost."


You have just touched on the *ONLY* way to prevent resellers.  Everyone needs to stop buying these items at double the cost, then immediately the market evaporates into thin air.  Share with your friends.

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Re: Bots Purchases Scalpers

The short answer is "it's not worth their time."


The consoles are a miniscule fraction of their sales, their consoles are all being sold, and most of the frustrated customers will likely still shop at Best Buy in the future.  They're willing to accept the customer frustration here and just ride it out.


Profits > customer satisfaction.