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Both USB ports not working

I made a mistake the other day. I have both a MacBook and a laptop. By mistake, I put the MacBook dongle into my laptop, and since then, both USB ports have stopped working. What are my options, and how much is this going to cost me?

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Re: Both USB ports not working

Whew. I am no Geek Squad but I would suspect that since both ports are powered that they conflicted and you shorted something in both computers that is an integral part of the motherboards.


Typically the USB ports are protected by a fuse. But I believe they typically reset when you power down and power back up.  Or rather whne the fuse cools down it will reset. 


If it shorted a wire on your boards I don't think there is a cheap and easy fix. 

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Re: Both USB ports not working

I agree, most likely new motherboard or new laptop time.