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Boot problems

Three weeks ago, the backlight on my Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop died.  I purchased an HP Pavilion at Best Buy, and had Geek Squad install the recovered hard drive data on the new laptop.  I have since hooked the Dell up to a monitor, and am able to get to the boot menu.  But that's it.  I cannot go any further; f1 or f2 (boot options) are my only choices.  (Old Op system was XP; new is Vista)


If I copy the backup from my new computer, should this resolve the problem???  Or is the info still on my old Dell, but hidden?  Should I chuck this attempt and go back to geek squad

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Re: Boot problems

All the information should still be on the Dell, it might be having a problem with its Operating system, which would explain why it is not getting any father than the boot menu.  You'll need to plug the hard drive into another computer to read the data.


GeekSquad can transfer it for you.

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Re: Boot problems

Did Geeky Squad removed your old Dell hardrive? they did some data recovery from it right? You should be able to access its bios and see if the hardrive is still recognized. If not, its not probably connected back to the MB by the Geeky Squad that is why your stuck to boot option when booting. otherwise its a windows error, boot sector corruption etc....

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Re: Boot problems

Unfortunately, although you could conceivably restore from a backup, it would fail because you have moved from XP to Vista which means your registry entries are going to be hosed for Vista coming from the backup.  Something was not moved correctly in the first place.  Need to go back to step one when they recovered your data.  That is likely where the problem lies.  They either miffed a setting accidentally or the recovery was not fully successful.