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Bluetooth adapter usb

I purchased the bluetooth usb adapter plugged it in. Downloaded drivers but no matter what I do the adapter will not recognize my device. I even tried pjtting the device right next to the dongle. The bluetooth just searches forever. I have restarted the computer without the dongle to no avail. What's next?
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Re: Bluetooth adapter usb

Hello Kyresyn,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

If you are getting the Bluetooth icon on the desktop or in te system tray, then we know the software is correctly installed. You should be able to click on either and initiate adding a new device. Then you have to make sure you are putting the other device into pairing mode.


Also you can trying to pair the other device to something else to make sure you are getting it into the proper pairing mode and that it works with Bluetooth. 

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