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Black Friday DISCOUNT

I am planing to go visit some of the Best buy stores for the Black Friday. But this is my first time doing this. Anybody knows how this is working, and where I can find the informations what will be on sale and what will be the price . ? Is there any magazine ?
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Re: Black Friday DISCOUNT

Hey olipetk,


Excellent questions, and ones that will probably generate a lot of buzz the closer we get to Thanksgiving!  Here's the basics:


  • Best Buy® stores will be open from 5:00am until 10:00pm on the day after Thanksgiving.
  • Many of the products advertised in the "Black Friday" flyer may be only offered in limited quantities.
  • Lines tend to form early, so be prepared!


In the past, Best Buy® has also offered various "doorbuster" promotions that are only valid for seven hours (from 5:00am until noon).  For more information on this year's sale however, you'll need to check your local newspaper on Thanksgiving day.


Hope this helps you out!


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Re: Black Friday DISCOUNT

There are a lot of internet sites that get a Head Start with the Black Friday adds. Just join their mailing list and they may be able to get the Black Friday add to you early. Unfortunatelly you still may have to stand in that line and quantities may be limited. How about paying someone to stand for you? Just kidding I think. Man it's cold out there at 5am, but you'll need to be there sooner than that. I think some 24 hours stores show pitty and let one stay indoors until the time.

Good Luck


P.S. There could be some on line deals also-keep digging for that bargain.

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Re: Black Friday DISCOUNT

************ PC BUYER ALERT*********

All PCs bought at Best Buy must be returned within 14 days for refund. DONOT give PCs as Christmas Presents if there is any chance that the receiver will return since THEY are EXCLUDED from Jan Christmas BEST BUY return date.