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Bios password needed for UB-15MS10

Hi everyone I did hard rest to my tab UB-15MS10  and its done when I restart the tab  I got a message it says I have to enter a password a bios password dont what it is , 

I Have tried many ways Like USB Booting Debug , still no result , whats your suggestion on how to fix this problem 

, thanks in advance 

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Re: Bios password needed for UB-15MS10

If this device is locked Best Buy won't be able to help in this situation. I have looked online at many articles and the verdict is that you are out of luck when it comes to this problem. 

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Re: Bios password needed for UB-15MS10

Hello, John34ihd,


Thanks for joining us here on the community forums. Having a broken tablet is never great, so I understand your concern. I believe hockeycanuckjc is correct, but if you want a second opinion, you can bring your table to our Geek Squad by making a reservation here.




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