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Best laptop for photo/video editing??!!


Its been 7 years since I've purchased a "new" laptop. Which laptop would be the perfect fit for Photo & Video editing??! I need help picking one out... 

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Re: Best laptop for photo/video editing??!!

Hi LacyWilson,

Welcome to the BestBuy forums! When looking for a new photo/video editing laptop normaly there are two major parts you need to look for CPU and Memory. There is also of course your desired budget. As you will be processing a lot of stuff you want to look for a laptop as well that has good reputation for it's cooling capabilities.

Personally I would suggest something like this

HP is a very reputable brand for their cooling system and an I7 with 16GB would have plenty of processing power to efficiently run any amount of adobe products and other editing software.

If you aren't going to be using Adobe products/things such as Cinematic 3d/4d then you could probably get away with a lower end laptop with maybe an I5 or something with 8GB/16GB of memory.

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Re: Best laptop for photo/video editing??!!

Actually, it depends. are you only editing photos from your personal collection or are you editing photos professionally. If personal, you may find a high end tablt may get the stuff done you want at a price that does not break the budget. It totally depends on your budget however.

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Re: Best laptop for photo/video editing??!!

The Microsoft Surface Pro's are a good place to start. But the HP Envy AWBrown recommends may be a better fit. The screen size on the Surface Pro is a bit small for my taste.


But as Hocky* writes if your only doing it for yourself on a small basis the Surface Pro is a great device.  

Lots of power and portability.


I used to have Adobe Creative Suite 2 on my old Dell laptop that only had 4GB of memory and integrated grapics.


it worked pretty well. Granted on big photos the refresh was a tad slow.  It didn't work so well for editing video but it got the job done. 



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Re: Best laptop for photo/video editing??!!

For video editing... my vote goes to a gaming laptop.  The extra performance and cooling will be helpful for those long renders.