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Best Resolution Tablet?

My old iPad is aging.  The OS is old and can no longer be updated. My main use for a Tablet is streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime.  To that end I am thinking about getting a new tablet.


Has anyone heard if there are any plans to make a true 4K Tablet?


What tablets have the BEST resolution on the market today?



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Re: Best Resolution Tablet?

The Fire HD Tablets look impressive. And the newer generations support the 5ghz bands which offers better video streaming.


You are stuck with a prioprietary OS though and some apps may not be updatable on the tablet as there are some that do a "release and run" release a major app on the tablet and abandon it.


I seen this with I heart and a few others.


So keep that in mind.



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Re: Best Resolution Tablet?

I don't know about any true 4K tablets, but the Tab S4 would probably be my top pick if I were in the market for a tablet. 2560x1600 seems to be on the higher end, resolution-wise.

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Re: Best Resolution Tablet?

if i change the resolution in this method, can i see youtube videos on higher resolution??? my max youtube resolution is 720p but i whant to see at 1080p... is a solution for that?