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Best Buy Geek squad issues and question

Hello, I bought a Dell Studio 1535 a few years ago from the south hills location.  I know now that it turned out to a huge lemon of a dell computer and a product that best buy sold.  My first experience was when I bought the computer.  They failed to take off the program that the laptop had on it as it was a floor model.  All they did was toss in the cd's into the box.  That was a big thank you.  So, once I got home and realized that I could not use the laptop, I had to drive out to best buy, this time the monroville one.  The first geek squad guy wiped out my whole system and asked if I knew how to put the disks in manually.  I told him I don't know, that is why I brought it back here.  Thankfully another man heard and took a look at it.  After a while, they were able to manually put the disks all in.  Soon after I got the computer home, maybe a week or so, the touch media buttons on the top stopped working.  I saw that this was a huge problem with this laptop.  I was afraid to take it back to best buy, to most likely pay a large bill to get it looked at and fixed, so I delt with it.  Well, now my monitor on the laptop is acting up.  It flashes to dark and the color will look like it is a photo negative at times.  I looked online and people say it could be a loose wire since (another issue is the hinges) or it could be a converter for the back light or something???  I don't know.  My question is, I don't see prices listed, or I might be missing them, but I want to compair prices with best buy and other places as I don't want to pay a high prices from best buy and get crappy service again and have something else go wrong on my laptop.  Please help.  Thank you.

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Re: Best Buy Geek squad issues and question

Without knowing the exact problem, quoting a price is impossible. As you said, the flickering monitor could be a loose wire (relatively cheap, easy fix) or you may need a new display entirely (which would make the repair more expensive than the value of the laptop). Figuring out the exact problem would likely require a diagnosis and possibly a diagnostic fee. This would likely be the same at any computer repair center you bring your device into, because no one wants to work for free. 


If you don't trust Geek Squad, I'd recommend asking other locals or looking at reviews of your local computer repair shops. Geek Squad does warranty all their work for 30-days, though, so if you opt to go with Geek Squad and they mess it up, they will fix their mistakes. 



It's quite a conundrum when dealing with older laptops, because even a $75 (I'm not sure the exact fee, this is just an example) diagnostic fee would go a long way toward a new laptop. You can purchase a comparable laptop to what you have for less than $400. Then, if the repair is expensive, you may be stuck buying a new laptop anyway. If you have any techy friends that feel they are up to the task of doing the repair, that may be an option as well. 


That's my 2 cents on the matter.