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Battery for a Laptop

I need to buy a new battery for my laptop, but I can't find one with the same number that my computer says it is. I have an HP, and the HP Assistant says the model is 15-bs0xx. Notebook product number is 1TJ82UA#ABA.

Something kept coming up online last week when I was trying to find one that said the model is 15-bs015dx. Since you can't just go into a store to exchange anything these days, I want to make sure I'm ordering the correct battery. And I keep getting switched around trying to talk to a live person when I call. Can someone tell me what the battery number is that I need to order? This is very frustrating. Thanks.

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Re: Battery for a Laptop

You can find your battery in the


HP Parts Store


You should be able to get the part number for the battery off the battery itself


Using the Parts Guider you can enter your laptop model number 15-bs0xx


Which is a generic number I believe. You should be able to get the actual model number off the name plate on the bottom of your laptop.  However the generic number will take you to  a place where you will need to select your specific model  number. 

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Re: Battery for a Laptop

15-bs015dx. Would be the model number for the product number you listed
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Re: Battery for a Laptop

Seems odd that it would need a battery so soon, however they do go bad if left discharged for to long even when they are new.