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BSoD during boot up

I recently updated my nvidia video drivers and when I restarted my computer I now get the BSoD right before I see my login screen.  So, the first thing I thought to do was to rollback the driver.  However, I can't boot up on Safe Mode.


This is what my computer is doing:


1. Computer on, initial boot screen comes up

2. Options for Safe Mode or Start Windows normally

         a.  I am unable to choose Safe Mode because my computer is not responding.  This can't be normal.

3. It starts up normally, because I can't choose otherwise.

4. I see the Windows XP logo

5. BSoD

6. Computer reboots.


For whatever reason, my keyboard shuts off for the options to change to safe mode.  It shuts off if I want to change my boot sequence.  It even shuts off if I want to boot from the CD so I can use my recover disk.


Any help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: BSoD during boot up

On some computers with integrated video chips, its been my experience that updating the chipset drivers might not be a good idea since those drivers are custom for the OEM.


There is a way around this using the repair console found from booting from the Windows XP installation disc, but it requires a little bit of high user level expertise to work with that.


You might have to take it in for data backup and a reinstall of the OS if you cant get it running Smiley Sad

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