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Assistance with downloading DVD's

I am wandering if I can get assistance on my issue. I have DVD's. I would like to download these onto my computer so that I can get them on my IPod. When I tried to do this on this computer taht I bought at Best buy, I could not do it.  Is there a software I have to get to do this?  Please help
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Re: Assistance with downloading DVD's

Sorry, but due to reasons of copyright violation and other legal violations , we cannot discuss these topics in the forum. And I highly doubt Best Buy could help you out.


It involves circumventing copy protection through illegal software and we cannot discuss it here. If you are truly determined to do this, find a site like Google and research it yourself.

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Re: Assistance with downloading DVD's

Thanks for your advise. I will get in touch with Best Buy. Maybe they will be able to help me.
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Re: Assistance with downloading DVD's

Hey Edohsos -

Hockecanuckjr is correct in his post above.  We are unable to instruct you on how to add dvd's to you iPod, because it does circumvent copyright restrictions.  The only legal source I can give you for movies on your iPod are to download them from Itunes.

Thanks for posting!

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