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Assistance finding a new computer



So I’m in a bit of a situation and in need of some assistance finding a replacement for my laptop. I sent it to SquareTrade for a minor repair (it wasn't working off the battery only the adapter but otherwise worked perfectly) and instead of sending it back when they decided the repair couldn’t be done, they ‘salvaged’ it. A working laptop...


So now I have to try to find a replacement for something I bought on Black Friday, for $550, without spending too much. So this is what I had:


  • 17.3” screen
  • i5 processor
  • 1TB hdd
  • optical drive
  • 4 usb ports (a MUST and the thing that seems to be making this that much harder)
  • HDMI
  • VGA and other such standard laptop offerings


I had a Dell and I wouldn't mind getting one again, but I'd prefer to avoid HP and Acer, though I might make an exception for a really good laptop. This will preferably be under $1000, but if I can't find one under a $1000, I’m taking all of the options I find back to SquareTrade so they can figure out how to fix their screw up.

I've been looking for over a week, since I found out they scrapped my working laptop, but I haven't had much luck and thought I'd see if others had any advice or knew of any laptops that would fit the bill. Thanks

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Re: Assistance finding a new computer

I'm sorry to hear what SquareTrade did to your device. Based on what you said if you want all of those specifications, there is one laptop that fits perfectly into what you want and need. The HP Envy 17.3" would be a perfect option for you. It comes with an i7, 1TB Hard Drive, and 16GB of RAM and those 4 USB ports you wanted. Now, we do have another option that might be perfect for you and that is the Dell - Inspiron 17.3" with an i5. The things you are loosing with this option are the optical drive and four USB Ports. To compinsate for the missing optical drive and USB ports, you could pick up an external optical drive and a USB hub to give you all the USB ports you need.


I hope this helps you in finding the perfect solution for your needs and I would encourage picking up BBY Protect and Support Plus along with your laptop to take advantage of that one time battery replacement and accidental damage.

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