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Aspire One issue - Thank goodness for Google Search

This evening in some free time I had I decided to let me curiosity run even more wild. Decided to install Vista for the heck of it and see what would happen. Installed all the drivers that was reccomended on another forum. Within minutes, things went horribly wrong and I rememberd there was no recovery media for this unit. Luckily the PQSERVICE partition was not harmed at all but the ALT+F10 trick didnt work. One quick Google Search showed me how to change the partition tables from 12 to 07 and show the hidden partition. There was a code I typed in on the CMD prompt. Within 10 minutes I had my recovery partition working again. If it was not for that site, my new Aspire One would have been a brick Smiley Sad
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Re: Aspire One issue - Thank goodness for Google Search

Glad to hear everything worked out! That would have been horrible if it was bricked!