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Are all intels quad-core?

I went to Best Buy to buy a laptop today and I went to buy a AMD quadcore because there were no Intels that I saw in my price range with more than one core. Well the associate there told me that all the Intels are quadcore, so I left without purchasing anything because I wanted to do my research on it before I pay this much money for something, but I cannot seem to find much on it online. So I was wondering can anyone confirm that all Intel processors are quadcore now? I did notice that all the laptops with Intel processors didn't have how many cores were in the name as the AMD did. He also told me, it would be best not to buy a computer with an AMD processor.

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Re: Are all intels quad-core?

No not all processors are Quad core


I have an 8 core processor.  


There are way to many to discuss each one here.  


However, it is very common today for the least of computers to have a minimum of 4 cores 


To avoid less than 4 cores try to avoid Celeron, i3 and i5 processors.  However, there are pleny of i3 and i5 that do have four cores.


Most of the product descriptions do not include number of cores. 


On Intels web site they have a filter so you can filter out those with less than 4 cores. Though it may be more handy to generate a list of current 2 core processors and then avoid them. 


if your looking at gaming computers you will find just about all of them are 4 or more.



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Re: Are all intels quad-core?

Hi, RebekaL1,

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The number of cores present in a processor will vary by processor model and generation. With the advent of hyperthreading, the ways in which a processor can function will vary, for example, there are duo core processors that can perform similarly to some quad core processors. Intel offers a variety of cores and multithreading technologies. If there are any specific pieces of software that you are hoping to run, the manufacturer's page will often call out the minimum required processing speed in the software's specifications. Best Buy's website will give provide you with processing speeds in the specifications of each computer listing. Keep in mind that there are many hardware pieces that contribute to a computer's overall speed and ability to multitask, such as RAM and the hard drive. 

If you're just getting started in your computer search, this Laptop Buying Guide may be helpful in finding something that fits your needs. If you think of any additional questions, please feel free to post them!

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