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Are Hue Afraid Of The Dark? Technology To The Rescue!

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You know, if there’s one thing I can say about my life growing up, it’s that I was very adventurous. Whether it was visiting abandoned buildings, desolate caves, or “haunted” wilderness areas (all while ignoring a plethora of “No Trespassing” signs. Sorry, Mom!), I did it all. But one that will always come to mind is when I decided to visit a famously abandoned high school in Western New Jersey that had stories galore.


That structure is now long gone, but in the mid-2000s, and even into the early-2010s, it was a hot spot for thrill seekers.


The building itself sat at the edge of a small town in a very rural part of New Jersey, right on the border with Pennsylvania. It was on the side of a hill and finding it wasn’t all that hard. There was a fairly busy state road at the base, and it was featured numerous times on a thrill-seeking book that outlined all of the best spots in New Jersey. If you’re from New Jersey, then you know what book I’m referring to. The building had a big chunk of the roof missing, but overall, it was in decent condition, keeping in mind it dated back to the late 1800s.


Once in the building, if you didn’t have a flashlight, or at least a smartphone with a flash, then you were just asking for trouble. And speaking of phones, you could forget about using them as cellular coverage at the time was non-existent here. You could have a fancy new iPhone 3G, Galaxy S, or Sidekick (Imagine using those in 2019? Now THAT’S scary). No one would hear your cries for help here.


For the most part, the inside was what you’d expect. Lots of chairs, lots of school desks, teacher’s desk, random tables, chalkboards (with writing still on them!), and more. In my last visit, we noticed vehicle headlights coming up the driveway and quickly panicked. We figured it was local police and began to scatter like roaches. The light continued passed the building and as quickly as it came, it was gone. The real kicker? The driveway ended mere feet from the buildings main entrance. Thereafter was nothing more than dense trees and brush.


We went out to the front to see if what we just saw was for real and after realizing the vehicle was not at the end of the driveway we decided to head on out before things got weirder.


As the days and weeks went on, I began to notice weird things at home. Noises at night, cold temperatures in the summer, a sense that someone was watching me. It was not a fun time going to sleep in my room. As a long-time owner and user of MacBooks, I put mine to plenty of use looking up a ton of things that, thinking back on it, was super silly.


Fast-forward to now, and I’d say that spooky things are no longer spooky to me (or at least I keep telling myself that). We live in a world where tech can really help make the world around us much less spooky and I’ve outfitted my home just for that. I mean, I tell my significant other it’s because I’ve always wanted a “Smart Home” but, let’s be honest, it’s about the ghosts.


If you’re looking to combat the questionable or unexplained, the best place to start is by snagging a nice tablet like an iPad or a Galaxy Tab S4, both of which always have some great pricing. You’re probably asking yourself “How does that help with ghosts?” and I’m glad I can read minds to answer you. If you pair these up with a nice set of smart Hue lights from Phillips, with the press of a button your lights will come on an expose any beings from another realm. And, if you’re like me and own a MacBook, there’s even an option to turn on and off your Hue lights right from the built-in Home application. This is especially useful for those times that you’re burning the midnight oil to finish that paper you had 2 months to do but left for the night before.


Whether you're using a tablet or computer, you can configure your smart lights to do so much more in just a couple of steps.


And if moving around and exuding that much energy seems like too much work, you can go ahead and snag an Alexa or Google Home smart speaker and tell either one to quickly turn on the lights. And to make life even easier, you can set your Hue lights to work in a manner that mimic a night light so you’re never alone in the dark. At least not while you’re awake.


The ghosts can do as they please once you’re in your deep slumber and unaware of your surroundings, right?

Dave|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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