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Android Tablet

Hi I have a question regarding a tablet I own. I went into atnt and they told me to go to you. My son changed his lock screen passcode and doesn't remember it. I know I can do a factory rest however there are baby pictures on the tablet that I dont want to loose. Is there any way you guys can help me with this?
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Re: Android Tablet

As far as I know the only option is a factory reset and anything running android 5 and up. Which is pretty anything made in the last 5 years
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Re: Android Tablet

By any chance is the table associated with a Google Account?   If so you may be able to access the Google account from a computer and from  you can access photos.  See if the photos show up there.  if they do copy them over to a computer and then you can reset the tablet.


However, this time set up a recovery email 

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Re: Android Tablet

Another thing I would like to add is that Google Photos app offers free unlimited storage of your photos on your devices in the High Quality format. Slightly lower quality than what they may originally be at but it's free and better than what Photo Bucket was offering at the time


(Photobucket tried to take my photos hostage after the switch over, I used a backdoor logging into the app and using the download feature, then upload my pics to Google Drive.

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