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Administrative problems with demo laptop.

I bought a demo laptop from Best Buy, as it was the only one of the model left, and I've been having trouble with it. I cannot create a password for my account, and all of the files are under the name 'BESTBUY'. Sometimes it will not let me perform actions, such as re-naming folders that I have created.


I read that I should create a new administrative account and then delete the one I'm on, and it will ask me whether I would like to save the files from the old account, and to click yes. I'm worried that all of my programs, photos, important documents and music will be deleted.


Is there anything I can do other than deleting this account?


Thank you.

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Re: Administrative problems with demo laptop.

bring it to ur nearest best buy. when u buoght a display model, they should've restore the computer for u and remove any demo software on the computer.


if they didn't bring it back to them. there should be no charge at all.