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Adding VRAM

I have an Asus Rog G751J, and have been told that it is possible to upgrade. I wanted to know if it's possible to add VRAM and if this is a service my local Best Buy's geek squad would be able to perform, as well as the average cost that may be charged.
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Re: Adding VRAM

The parts and the time involved would possibly near exceed the price of what you originally paid for your unit. Does your unit have a dedicated video card, or is it shared by the ram? 

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Re: Adding VRAM

Are you looking for Virtual RAM or Video RAM(GPU) upgrades? The G751J should have a pretty beefy video card to begin with... Even so, one of the biggest disadvantages with a laptop is the inability to upgrade the hardware easily.
In some cases, you can find laptops that support multiple video cards, but replacing the graphics chip is a huge hassle...assuming you can even find the correct GPU chip to buy in the first place.
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