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Add Monitor or TV to Insignia NS-P10A7100

Hi everyone, Is there a way to hook up my Insignia 10" Flext Tablet NS-P10A7100 to a larger monitor or TV with an HDMI cable or whatever?

What kind of adaptor do I need to buy and where do I buy it ?

I went into a Best Buy store and asked the same question but was only told to look it up online. They were no help at all.

Thank you.

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Re: Add Monitor or TV to Insignia NS-P10A7100

Hello, OB1947D.


Welcome to our community.  From what I can see, this tablet operates on the Android 6.0 (Marshmallow firmware, and it is my understanding that this platform does not natively support screen mirroring.  You may be able to find a third-party app that provides this function, but I don't believe a micro USB-to-HDMI cable would give you the results you're looking for.


I hope this helps! Thank you for writing to us.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Add Monitor or TV to Insignia NS-P10A7100

Dear OB,


I can see that you are suffering from Best?BuyMalaise ( a known indifference to customers after purchasing by any official BB people) And your store experience and the online moderators' lack of knowledge and experiences.


I have a cost-free (BB hates that term) way for you to accomplish that task, except one initial investment, explained below.


Just like on an android tablet running 6.0 and a desktop pc using Chromecast you should download the Chromecast home application or its extension to chrome on your tablet and then when you click the little grey box in the top of your browser (if chrome) or the widget on your tablet workspace, VOILA you will mirror a tab or the entire screen to another device. 


You will need however to purchase the chromecast device itself (about $20 - the cost of any cable and you can connect all of your devices through it (though I wouldn't do them all at the same time and accomplish what I believe that you want to do.


Other than the original purchase of the device (it's small and sits in an HDMI slot in your tv (I've had mine for over 4 years and it still works well for any of 5 devices that I can alternatively use to emulate to my 49-inch tv for the big monitor views.