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Accessing websites

My boss wants me to deny access (at work) to a particular website. We've had problems with our system after a few employees accessed the site (viruses and trojans) and would like to deny them access while they are at work.  How do we do that?
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Re: Accessing websites

Hey Loco,


One suggestion is to require all personnel to utilize Mozilla Firefox for personal browsing. This will solve many of the problems with viruses and trojans due to built in safe guards from Mozilla.  You can also ask your firewall administrator (which is probably your IT) to security block websites.  To do this you would go to tools>internet options>security>restricted sites>add, however you would need to do this to everyone site that is not acceptable, per computer.   However because it entails blocking it on every computer, it could be incredibly time consuming, however the benefit might be just what you are looking for. 


Unfortunately this still won't solve all issues of irresponsible workers accessing inappropriate websites from their work computers.  However it can help!





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Re: Accessing websites

Seems like your company doesn't have an IT department... What was suggest is for also need to create a password to keep them from changing the settings. BUT, there are also other ways around it like downloading another explorer like firefox or something else. No matter what, there's usually a way around it unless you have a very high-end IT department. :/
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Re: Accessing websites

If it's a small business you can simply buy Kaspersky Internet Security.  You are able to install it on 3 computers and it has many options on restricting websites, managing a secure firewall, and award winning anti-virus/anti-spyware. 
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Re: Accessing websites

or...................... treat them like kids, install parental controls.