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ASUS Q504U Not Powering On

I went in to Best Buy the other day, looking for a computer for school because I hate having to download school software on my gaming rig that i would never regularly use.


I was so impressed with the ASUS Q504U's specs and the responsiveness compared to any other laptop that I touched that I bought it even though t was ~$500 more than I had planned to spend.


I've been using it for amonth now, it's decent, though it's nothing compared to my desktop and has some issues, but nothing huge.


Today, I powered it on, let it boot up while I was watching, and then set it on the couch to go to the kitchen and come back. When I came <5 minutes later, the screen was off. I figured maybe I hadn't charged it recently (though I was pretty sure I had) and plugged in the adapter for a few minutes.


Tried powering up and nothing. Tried holding the power button for 30+ seconds, and nothing.

There are no lights when plugging in the adapter, no response when pressing the power button (no sound like anything is turning on inside).


This model does not have a removeable battery.


I did not purchase the GeekSqaud protection because I figured I'm good enough with computers fix most hardware and software issues myself. But I JUST bought this computer a month ago and I'm having a hardrive fail or some kind of disconnect with my power source.


I'd love to be able to return it and purchase something else, but I bought it 7/1, so I am outside the return window.


Has anyone else experienced this and have suggestions for fixing it?


If I need to replace the harddrive, howm uch is this for GeekSquad to do?

I don't need to backup anything as it is just a school computer, but if it's going to cost me $100+ I'd rather void my warranty and open it up and try to fix it myself.


Or has anyone dealt with ASUS customer service before and how was your experience?


Any help is appreciated.

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Re: ASUS Q504U Not Powering On

Feels very frustrating the experience you are having. And yes the specs on the Q504U are very impressive.


Sounds like a faulty power brick if you have no lights.  I would bring it in and explain what is going.  Geek squad may be able to plug in a for sure working power brick, or bring you to the computer area and use the brick on the display model.


That way it can be determined if it is a faulty power brick or not.


At the end of the day though I think your going to have to work with ASUS customer suppport on a warrenty issue.


Please keep in mind through all this that Best Buy did not manufacture the computer you purchased. 



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Re: ASUS Q504U Not Powering On

It was a power issue, but believe it or not it was with the outlet I was using, not my computer.


Seems like something obvious, but I didn't think to check another outlet until I was ready to go see the Geek Squad.


I just purchased an older house and some of the outlets don't work or only work sometimes, some won't even hold a cord in them.


With fingers crossed, I plugged it into the outlet I've been using and tada! it worked.


I was relieved, but felt like kicking myself for not thinking if that to begin with.


Thanks for the answer.

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Re: ASUS Q504U Not Powering On

Try a different charger, but if the system is not attempting to POST (power on self test) then there a couple possibilities. It could be the battery, it could be the inverter. If it's the inverter you are in luck if you want to try and fix it yourself. The part is relatively cheap and easy to install.