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AMD Ryzen 3000

Will next gen ryzen come to Best buy on July 7th or after July 7th?
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Re: AMD Ryzen 3000

i would love to know this as well
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Re: AMD Ryzen 3000

I'm beginning to believe that Best Buy doesn't care about gamers.
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Re: AMD Ryzen 3000

Hello, BenBen,


As an avid gamer myself, I'd have to politely disagree. I can personally say I strongly care about the gaming community and I have seen Best Buy begin to make the right moves to better serve the PC gaming community. It wasn't all that long ago where you couldn't even get a half decent GPU in our stores. That being said, we currently have no info on if/when we will carry these. I wish I could tell you with certainty as I have seen the Ryzen chips really hammer away at the control Intel has had over the years but I suggest that you continue to keep an eye on as we usually provide any updates via those means. Let me know if you have any further questions!



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Re: AMD Ryzen 3000

You mean this one


Ryzen 3900X

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