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A Little Recommendation please.

I was planning on buy a computer for your basic mmorpg gaming like wow, lineage 2 , maplestory etc etc and the gaming laptops were way out of my budget ($700 or less because I have to buy a range expander aswell so my total budget is $850). I was going to buy the Dell Inspiron Laptop SKU: 8989017 but its appears to be in stock then sold out a few hours later , and I was wondering if anyone else could recommend a good laptop for me with 200+ hdd space. I'm planning on buying it from Florida most likely sawgrass or ft Lauderdale bestbuy branches not online because well don't have a credit card and bestbuy doesn't ship to my country. If no one is able to find  a good one I'll buy a dell inspiron desktop package
 Thanks in Advance
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Re: A Little Recommendation please.

Welcome, thatBahamasdude!


Here we go, down to the wire!  That laptop is fine for word processing and emails/internet, but most gamers prefer an enhanced graphics chip.


Please keep in mind that I am using to search, so store stock will vary widely.  A few tips:

  • Click on notebook computers and use the yellow side bar to help narrow down your search. In your case I would recommend narrowing down your search  by Price (under $700) and also by RAM or hard drive size.
  • Click on Read the Reviews and see what others are saying, with special attention to gamers' comments about WOW, etc. 
  • Does it have an enhanced graphics chip? Research the chip in relation to your games.
  • If you purchase a computer with 4GB or more, be sure to check each gaming software for Vista 64-bit compatability or patches/upgrades before you purchase the notebook.


Ultimately,however, you will need to go to the store and ask for advice.  Anyone here have further advice?

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Re: A Little Recommendation please.

A majority of the games Ive tested on Vista Business 64 bit run just fine, however , screensaver applications, and older programs with dll's that depend on 32 bit access might not fu nction right.
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