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2nd laptop from bestbuy giving problems

I purchased a Lenovo laptop in May 2018 and the flickering screen got worse over a period of time. So, I brought it in and sent it back to the manufacturer, I still needed a laptop to work with while the Lenovo was away so I thought I will not buy another Lenovo and buy an Ausus laptop


i have only had the Ausus for 3 weeks and in that time it has switched off twice by itself. 


I just read on the forum that someone else has had the same problem with their Ausus laptop,  


The Lenovo problem that I had was also a very moon problem with people that had bought the Lenovo from Bestbuy. 


So should I just return my Ausus and get my refund and buy a laptop from another place. 


Seems like all manufacturers send defect laptops to Bestbuy. 


What at should I do? I cannot afford a third computer in less than a year. 


Hoping to hear from people with similar issues that they have had with Bestbuy laptops. 


When i I buy a laptop , I expect it to work. If not I should get my money back. So what if it is outside of the 2 month warranty period like my Lenovo.


why is Bestbuy selling substandard products?

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Re: 2nd laptop from bestbuy giving problems

Sounds like you got unlucky. Computers fail all the time, no one is sending Best Buy or any other retailer any "substandard" products on purpose. You're obviously free to buy stuff wherever you want...but the chance of it working or failing doesn't change.

Consider that Best Buy is one of the largest retailers out there. They sell a lot of computers of all different brands, price points, models, etc. If you sell 100 bananas and 10% are rotten, that's 10 bananas. If Best Buy sells 1 million bananas and 10% are rotten, that's 100,000 bananas. If you search online for rotten bananas, your chances of seeing a banana sold by Best Buy increases because they sell more of them...even though the percentage of substandard bananas is the same.

I am not a Best Buy / Geek Squad employee. All comments and opinions are my own.