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2018 MBP 32GB availability?

I was looking through Macbook Pros, and had noticed that they'd finally started putting some of the i9 models on site:


Does anyone know if there's a chance they also start offering the 32GB RAM versions?


I'd prefer to buy this through BestBuy over directly from Apple for rewards and other reasons, and this would likely be the choosing point.

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Re: 2018 MBP 32GB availability?

Unfortunatly the moderators will not be able to speculate on wether or not they will be carrying the 32 GB model. 


I would give it a couple of weeks or so.


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Re: 2018 MBP 32GB availability?

Since Apple is leaning towards 64 bit only in the next major version of Mac OS I'd say they are waiting until that comes out. High Sierra has some development left in it before the next one comes out.

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