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Operating System Basics

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎07-05-2013 03:33 PM - edited on ‎05-23-2017 01:34 PM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist (1,216 Views)

An Operating System is the software that talks to your device’s hardware. It is a critical and defining part of any computer or tablet and can have a big difference on a user’s experience. Finding the right operating system can be a tricky choice. While each will provide similar core services, some will handle tasks better than others. Android is designed by Google and has excellent support for Google services for example. Windows has the best Microsoft Office support, and iOS has Siri. 



Apple iOS: 


Apple iOS is the mobile operating system found on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. Apple makes all the hardware and software for their systems making them famously stable and user friendly. Newer iPads with Retina display have native access to Siri, iCloud, and some of the best apps around through the iTunes App Store.  




Apple OSX:


Installed exclusively on Mac computers, OS X boasts an elegant and easy-to-use interface to complement Mac's sleek aesthetics, high build quality, and impressive battery life. Macs have historically had fewer issues with viruses and malware. However, Macs start at a higher price point than other computers, and no iMac or MacBook model to date includes touch-screen functionality.




Google Android: 


Tablets running Google’s Android operating system can be found on hundreds of different mobile devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. It is often praised for how much users can customize their devices. Google Play is Android’s response to iTunes. Google Play houses mobile apps, movies, magazines, books, and music all in one spot. There’s a ton of great pay and free content and most devices come ready with Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Drive.




Google Chrome OS:


Featured exclusively on Chromebook mobile computers and Chromebox desktops, this OS runs custom apps and cloud-based programs rather than traditional software. It's great for surfing the Web, keeping up with your e-mail and social networks, and sharing your photos with friends and family, rather than more data-intensive tasks like video editing and hardcore gaming.




Microsoft Windows: 


Windows has long been the operating system of choice for millions of people and businesse, and is considered the stardard which all operating systems are judged. The New Windows is designed specifically around an intuitive touch-screen interface (though it can be used with a traditional mouse and keyboard), expanding your navigation options. It also features a new task manager, streamlined file management and a suite of built-in apps.




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