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speakers that go with Kicker Key 180.4

I ordered all the items I was recommended to get by my installer, but I am not sure about the speakers, the per channel watts is 45 and the Kicker KS 6.5 components are 125 rms,  is this over kill?  or could I be better off with a lower watted component?  

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Re: speakers that go with Kicker Key 180.4

Welcome to the Best Buy forums, JimShaffer, 


What a fantastic question about the RMS value of the speakers you've purchased.  It's great to see that you've ordered such an awesome pair of speakers for your vehicle and I'm hoping to put your mind at ease.  

The speakers are going to sound great in your vehicle, but you have some room for even greater sound if you ever amplify the system later on down the road.  I want to let you know that many customer's will experience awesome sound when they put these speakers in their cars, but think about how much more sound quality they can get if they were to get closer to the RMS value that the speaker runs off of!  Basically, the speaker will work just fine, and they'll be an upgrade to the speakers that you have in the vehicle, but if you're ever wanting to get more "sound' out of the highs, mids, and lows, you can always add a 4-channel amplifier to get even more of a frequency response from them! 

Kicker is one of my favorite brands, trusted in my personal vehicle, and I know you'll be happy with them after your installation is complete.  Ask about a power pack to get you a little more sound without the prices that come with the installation of a 4-channel amplifier and get you a little closer to the RMS values that you know the speaker will perform even better at.  Hope this helps out and I'm wanting to welcome you to write back if I can answer any other questions you may have about your upcoming installation!  


On a side note, you may be getting a reply back from community members like Autotech796 also, who may hop in here to lend a helping hand if I happen to be away from my desk!

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Re: speakers that go with Kicker Key 180.4

I bought two sets of the Kenwood components that are on sale as well and will decide between the two when I go for the install, will return the others once I figure out which ones I go with.  see what Brandon the install recommends and go with it.   the specs for the KS ones looks impressive but the Kenwoods would more closely match the amp, the kickers are more efficient......just going to wait and see what the installer things and decide. would save about 230 going with the kenwoods but getting a good sound is ultimately what is important, if there isn't a great difference in the end result then may go with kenwood, we will see June 3rd Smiley Happy